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Diagnostic Centers

Diagnostic Centers are the place where health care is taken of the people. They give the treatment by going step by step to identify the diseases or problems in the body. Diagnostic improves person health. It is very helpful for recognizing the disease or any risk in advance.To manage chronic diseases they monitor treatment effectively. […]

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Like Ayurveda, Siddha is also a traditional medical system of India. It is a form of alternative medicinal therapy. It is of Dravidian origin and has its entire literature in Tamil language. It is believed to bring the discipline of mind and body by using both yoga and medicine. The use of metals, minerals and […]

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General Physicians

General Physicians are highly trained specialists who provide a range of non-surgical health care to adult patients. Much of their work takes place with hospitalised patients and most general physicians also see patients in their consulting rooms. NashikDoctors is an online medical directory for the doctors and other related medical and health services in Nashik. […]

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Eye Hospitals

Eye surgeon also called as eye doctors eye specialist are specially meant for eyes. People suffering any visual problem can go to the doctor called Ophthalmologists . Doctors give treatment, meditation and surgery related to eye. In this optometrist and optician play an important role.There are different type of EYE health professionals. Nashik doctors is […]

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Dr. Sheela Verekar honored as most distinguished teacher

Nashik-  Dr. Mrs. sheela verekar of D.S. Kothari Kanya Vidhyalaya, Nashik Road is adjudged as most distinguished teacher among all the best teachers of Nashik, by Sarvajanik Vachnalaya, Nashik. Dr. Sheela Verekar is honoured many times during her career as best teacher, most innovative teacher, Ideal teacher. She has taken extra classes for special students […]

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Veterinary Hospital

Veterinaries are the doctor who diagnoses and give treatment to the animals.Also they look after the animals in the zoo, pets, livestock etc. Animal who are ill or having any kind of pain are taken care by the Veterinaries. Veterinaries are also called as vets. Most of the vets work in the private hospitals for […]

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Neurosurgery comes into picture when you are heaving back pain, neck pain or damage in nervous system. If you are having neck pain or it suddenly stop then again change its value then there is need to consult a Neurosurgeon rather than avoiding it. They will diagnosis and will recommend tips to get rid of […]

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The Hospitals is a place where all kinds of medical services and help is available. NashikDoctors is an online medical directory for the doctors and other related medical and health services in Nashik. Here you will find the complete details and contact links of the Hospitals in Nashik. List of Hospitals in Nashik : Coming […]

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Computer Health Hazards

Computer–related health problems are caused by lack of knowledge about “Safe computing techniques”. Read here about a variety of health issues on symptoms, prevention, etc. of computer related health hazards. Millions of people around the world, use computers as their primary business tool as a result the number of hours people use computers has increased […]

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