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Nashik-  Dr. Mrs. sheela verekar of D.S. Kothari Kanya Vidhyalaya, Nashik Road is adjudged as most distinguished teacher among all the best teachers of Nashik, by Sarvajanik Vachnalaya, Nashik.

Dr. Mrs. Sheela Verekar gets the Most Distinguished Teacher AwardDr. Sheela Verekar is honoured many times during her career as best teacher, most innovative teacher, Ideal teacher. She has taken extra classes for special students who have difficulties in studies and promoted them to successful students.

She has conducted workshop in The International Congress ai Bandarnayake Auditorium, Colombo Srilanka, in the presence of delegates from more than 126 countries; where  She received special award of appreciation.

She is specially congratulated by,  Prof. Dr. Ramdas Barkale, Prof Dr. sir Leo Rebello are among many who congratulated her.

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