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Nashik is basically a online directory or web portal of Nasik Doctors .It offers information about various health & medical services available in Nashik city such as doctors, hospitals , clinics, blood banks , chemists, Diagnostic Centres, and much more to help the community .

Everything has been made simple for everyone .Nashik can also help you for the promotion of your work / business / services across the social community quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Nashik ?

    In simple words it is online directory of Nashik Doctors covering various medical and health service in Nashik city.

  2. What exactly is offered by Nasik

    It offers information about various doctors, hospitals chemist, eye bank / blood bank and much more related to health & medical field.

  3. Who can Join or register Nashik ?

    If you are medial professional or hospital or related to health & medical sector than you are welcome to join.

  4. What are the charges to join / register / list at Nashik ?

    It is free , there are no charges to join it for basic listing .If you want to have independent profile page or want advertise your products / services than only charges are applicable.

  5. What is the process to Join Nashik ?

    It is very simple to join/ register with us. Simply email us ( )or click on  "Register Free" button above .There is no forms , no login & password etc .Every thing has been made simple. Just email us and rest all communication will follow.

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Making a Better Health Community

We at Nashik
is committed to make a useful online platform for the health & medical services for the Nashik community. Please give your valuable feedback / contribution to improve it continuously for our common mission of good health  for everyone.

Feedbal about Nasik DoctorsPlease feel free to contact us for giving your any valuable suggestion / feedback / comments etc.

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