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Neurologist are specially meant for the person suffering form the back pain and neck pain. Specialist will identify the neurological disorders and provide treatment.Neurologist also deals with the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Due to tensions in mind may cause pain in your head, neck and back.If you don’t do anything then they will spread and make you tensed.

NashikDoctors is an online medical guide dedicated to the doctors and other related medical and health services in Nashik. Here you will find the useful information of the doctors for Neurologist in Nashik. Get their complete details like name, location and contact links.


  1. What are the two main divisions that Neurologist focuses on?
    Ans. They are Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  2. Which are the courses that a Orthopedic must have?
    Ans. pre-medical education in a college or university,One year internship in either internal medicine and at least 3 years of specialty training in an accredited neurology residency program

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