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Read some of the useful information on the Sexual Health in the articles given in this section of Nashik Doctors. These articles are given in the FAQ format and deal with topics like ways to improve your sexual health and more.

  1. Ways To Maintain Sexual Health.
    Use fantasy to keep your sexual interest alive. Be sure your birth control method fits your lifestyle. Do your Kegel exercises since these strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which helps the overall health of the bladder, uterus and vagina. Use lubricant that is glycerin-free. Experiment like try a new sensation, like using an ice cube on your lover and lastly take care with your genitals.
  2. What is the best diet for a enjoy good Sexual Health ?
    Fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins are the love ingredients. Complex carbohydrates make your love life simpler – they give you the required energy. The chocolates when takenĀ  in control create the right mood lifting the libido and provide that mesmerizing start off. But excessive sugar, salt, saturated fat and highly processed foods are linked to frigidity, difficulty in reaching orgasm and lack of interest in sex and are best to be avoided.

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