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Cervical Fracture : Nashik Doctors

Information about Cervical Fracture

Find the useful write-up on the Cervical fracture. Learn about its meaning, causes, preventions and more.

  • Cervical fracture is the complete or incomplete breakage of the neck bones.cervical fracture
  • Cervical fractures usually result from high-energy trauma, such as automobile crashes or falls.
  • A cervical (SER-vi-kl) fracture is also called a neck fracture or broken neck.
  • There are seven cervical vertebrae (neck bones) in the human neck which enclose the spinal cord, and the fracture of any can be fatal to life.
  • Motor vehicle accidents and falls, severe, sudden twist to the neck or a severe blow to the head or neck are common causes of Cervical Fracture.
  • Any injury to the vertebrae can have serious consequences because the spinal cord, the central nervous system’s connection between the brain and the body, runs through the center of the vertebrae.
  • In an emergency the neck should be immobilized until x-rays are taken and reviewed by a physician.
  • The signs and symptoms of a cervical fracture are : unable to move your neck, bruising and swelling, pin-prick pain in your arms or legs, paralysis of arm or leg.
  • Ways to prevent the cervical fracture : always wear a seat belt when you are driving, do weight-bearing exercises to build strong bones, eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, never dive in a water where you do not know the depth, wear proper padding and protective equipment for your sport.

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