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Yoga is the word derived from the sanskrit “yoj”. Yoga is nothing but the reality. It basically means union. It is just a form of exercise. This exercise is union of soul with the universal spirit. Yoga includes physical exercise such as stretching, twist, turns etc. It imbibes the complete essence to the way of life.In our daily work routine we do not get at least one hour to do exercise. It has become very hard to find out one hour for out body from this 24 hrs. But it is very¬† important or necessary to do yoga. If we avoid such things then we may get into problems or our body will not be fit. So it is necessary to make of body fit and fine by giving some time to our self.Then main objective of yoga is social health, maintain physical helth, emotional wellness. This is also helpful for weight loss.

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What are some advantage of yoga?
Ans. Advantage such as increased energy, weight loss, mental fitness, better relationships etc
Which details could I get here?
Ans. Get contact details & address of Classes dealing with Yoga in Nashik.

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