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Controlls hunger, reduces bulk, decreases weight, makes you beautiful.

Controlls hunger, reduces bulk, decreases weight, makes you beautiful.

Everybody is trying to find a way of slimming, weight loss, and volume loss preferably without exercises, dieting and treatment.

SLIM PATCH may be the perfect solution in such situation. It is safe, natural and effective in more than 80% of the users. No harm in trying. It works!

If you combine SLIM PATCH with your routine of morning walk, exercises, dieting, then you will get better results quicker. Improvement that can be seen!

SLIM PATCH in many cases provides favorable results without exercise or diet. SLIM PATCH is safe, as it is made of natural eatable ingredients available in south Asia. Same ingredients are used in SLIM PATCHES all over the world.

SLIM PATCH works in more than 80% users, it may not work in 20% users.

SLIM PATCH is a band-aid like sticking piece of tape with a little ball of paste on it. The SLIM PATCH is put on the skin on the certain points on abdomen, or arm.                                                                            Ideally you should change SLIM PATCH every day with a new patch.

Effective ingredients from SLIM PATCH are absorbed through the skin. The bulk is reduced in very short period probably due to escape and re-absorption of the entrapped air in the body fat. The appetite is reduced. Hunger pangs are reduced. The craving for food is minimized. The fat is mobilized and reduced due to reversal of the process of fat deposition. Muscle tone is increased. You feel lighter.

There are no side effects from the SLIM PATCH. There may be minimal irritation on skin in some individuals. SLIM PATCH starts working immediately. You may feel lighter within an hour!

Initially the fee for SLIM PATCH application is 50 Rs. per patch. Two patches per day is the recommended dose. You may safely retain the patch for more than one day, though it will keep working at a lesser strength

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