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SEXOLOGY COURSE FOR MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS ONLINE launches a distant education course in sexology counseling and therapy for Medical practitioners, consultants and medical students of Nasik and surrounding area. The practicals and demonstrations will be arranged in Nasik.

The course curriculum is developed according to the demands of Indian people about this subject.

A short course in anatomy and physiology is taught about sex and reproductive organs of men and women. The physiological process of penile erection, the mechanism of abner pads as found out by my teacher Dr. Gorm Wagner of Denmark is explained.

The physiology of human sexual response is discussed in great details as this forms fundamental platform of clinical sexology.

The main emphasis will be on sexual problems, sexual inadequacy, and miss-match in sexual matters.

The study of male sexual inadequacy includes

-Impotence. Insufficiency of penile erection. The diagnosis and treatment according to modern medicine, Behavioral therapy, sensate focusing according to the great sexology researchers Dr. Masters & Johnson. Vacuum erector device, Penile injection to induce immediate erection lasting for 30 minutes to 30 hours, Stuffing method and other useful treatment methods will be explained in detail.

-Pre mature ejaculation. The physiology of ejaculation, and the concept of point of inevitability of ejaculation, is explained. The treatment methods of behavioral therapy, the treatment method of Dr. Masters & Johnsons, The famous Squeeze method is explained in great details.

-Loss of Desire. The psycho-sexual methods are explained to help such cases.

-Andropause and sexual problems of old age. The physical disability is dealt with in detail.

The study of Female sexual inadequacies includes

-Anorgasmia or inability to achieve orgasm in the sexual intercourse. The physical as well as psychological causes are discussed.  Different techniques for training the body to achieve orgasm are detailed.

-Dysparunia, or painful coitus. The physical and psychological causes are discussed with treatment methodology.

–         Vaginismus. The situation where, an involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles makes it impossible for man to insert his penis in the vagina to have sex.

-Loss of desire. The psychological causes and treatment strategy is explained.

The study of sexual inadequacies of the couple includes

-Sexual positions for different situational difficulties due to shape of the body, physical disabilities, painful condition, psychological issues, illness etc. There are more than 108 positions explained.

-Loss of desire. Psychosexual methods of treatment are explained.

The other aspects of general human sexuality including History of sex, deviations of sexual behavior, changing patterns of sexual behavior, Sexercises, beautification of sexual organs, methods of increasing size of the penis (as per paper presentation by Prof. Dr. Prakash Verekar at the 25th national conference of Sexology in Mumbai in October 2009.), decreasing the size of vaginal opening, how to be good in bed according to the experiences of celebrities will be explained.

The course explains in detail every problem and the curative treatment according to modern medicine and the therapy that will help.

The duration of the course is three months.

The course material will be available online on the web site of The students will need to submit tutorials and a thesis on the subject of any aspect of human sexuality. A certificate of completion will be issued by DR. Jayasuriya Institute.

The course material is formulated according to the need of students. This is arranged in the form of distant education, which will be extremely useful for the students.

The course coordinator is Prof. Dr. Prakash Verekar who is Sex counselor, therapist and educator for last 33 years. Some of his credentials are as follows:-

–Life member of Indian Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (IASECT)

–Life member of Indian Health Organization (IHO)

–Approved Fellow of International Council Sex Education and Parenthood. Of American University, Washington D.C.

–Member of The International Scientific Committee of World Association of Sexology, Caracas, Venezuela, South America.

–Chartered Fellow of Indian Academy of Juvenile & Adolescent Gynecology & Obstetrics (IAJAGO)

–Member Consultant on The Forum Board of Consultants, London. United Kingdom.(17Years)

–Pre-PhD. Sex Education Curriculum development for high school students.

–Member of committee appointed for developing different courses in Human Sexuality for Mumbai University, under Dean of Department of Medicine late Dr. J.V. Bhat sir. And NIRSECT.

–Expert writer for the production of Sex Education Interactive Compact Disk Kama-Life.

–Fellow Royal Society Of Health. London. United Kingdom. (Patron queen of England).

–Visiting Professor, The Open International University for Complementary Medicine. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

–Faculty Member International Collage of Alternative Medicine. Ontario CANADA.

–International License. In Accordance to WHO Curriculum.

Contact for more information- Prof Dr. Prakash Verekar At

Or contact

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