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Information about Neurologist in Nashik

Neurologist are the specialist who are specially give treatment for the people who have disorders in their nervous system. This system consist of the nerves of the body that are used to operate the human body. Also this doctors gives or take care of the disorders of brain , nervous , spinal cord etc. We should immediately consult to the Neurologist those you are having brain problem as brain is very imp i.e it gives command to the body.

You can find here the best Neurologist which will guide and give you the treatment for disorders or other diseases related to the nervous system. Just You can explore the information here about Neurologist. Trace out the additional information like address, terms and conditions, solutions over diabetes etc.


  1. What are the two main divisions that Neurologist focuses on?
    Ans. They are Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  2. Which are the courses that a Orthopedic must have?
    Ans. pre-medical education in a college or university,One year internship in either internal medicine and at least 3 years of specialty training in an accredited neurology residency program
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