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book release programm. see here are Prof. Dr. Sir Leo Rebello, Dr. Manaswini Verekar and her parents.

Dr. Manaswini’s book on Acupuncture released

Dr. Manaswini verekar has written a book in Marathi titled “Acupuncture science and training” for the students of acupuncture course. This book is written according to the curriculum set by The Open International University for Complementary Medicine.

Maharastra State Board of Vocational Examination, Government of Maharastra, now adopts the same syllabus for its certificate course of Yoga, Naturopathy and Acupuncture Course. There was no book available for these students in Marathi. At a request from authority Dr. Manaswini wrote this book in record time to be available for the students at the beginning of course.

Dr. Manaswini is Gold medal student of The Open International University of Colombo Sri Lanka. She has a diploma in Acupuncture from The International Collage of Alternative Medicine, Ontario, Canada. She is only Acupuncturist in India to get “Certificate of Award” from United Nations (UNO) Alternate Medicine NGO.

The Acupuncture book was released at the hands of Prof. Dr. Sir Leo Rebello, who is renowned Naturopath from Mumbai. Pro Dr Leo is the first ever Naturopath to start a course in Naturopathy in India. He is attached to all the important associations of Natural Medicines in the world. He has traveled in more than 60 countries to deliver lectures on naturopathy. He is world authority on Naturopathy treatment of AIDS and all types of Cancers. He is nominated by International University for the Nobel Prize for Alternative Medicine.

This program was attended by distinguished personalities from Mumbai and Nasik. Publisher of the book Mr. Gaikwad delivered vote of thanks.

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