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Hair Dandruff is very common issue now a days. We can see that most of the people either man or women are facing dandruff problem. Dandruff cannot be harmful. It is caused due to dry skin or when scalp become greasy. As dandruff is very dry this can appear on the shoulder or on the upper side of the hairs which look very embarrassing.Though it is not harmful but it is very irritating. Also dandruff can occur due to hair products we use for washing the hairs. There should be proper treatment ot control the dandruff. Try to use non medicated shampoo to stop dandruff. Or you can shampoo your hair daily due to which scalp skin will build up regularly

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What are the cause of hair dandruff?
Ans. Hair dandruff can be due to dry skin, dirty scalp, dead skin cells, Insufficient combing etc
Which details could I get here?
Ans. Get contact details & address of hospitals dealing with Doctors For Hair Dandruff Treatment in Nashik.

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