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Information about Convulsions

Convulsions or “fits” are seen in a large percentage of population in the world. This uncontrollable shaking of the body is a very frightening health disorder. Read this article to explore more about Convolutions or Seizures.

  • Convulsions are a medical condition in which a person’s body appears to shake in an uncontrollable manner.fits
  • Convulsions are also called as Seizures or “fits”.
  • When a person experiences convulsions, his or her muscles quickly contract and relax repeatedly thus causing the rapid shaking movements.
  • When a person experiences convulsions, he or she may show signs like : uncontrollable muscle spasms, drool or froth from the mouth, start snorting , blacking out, feelings of confusion, unusual eye movement, loss of bowel or bladder control, and clenching of the teeth.
  • There are several causes of convulsions like : some brain disorder, as the result of a fever, high intake of alcohol or illegal drugs, head injury, electric shock, heart disease.

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