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Carotid Artery Disease : Nashik Doctors

Information about Carotid Artery Disease

NashikDoctors feels proud to explain to you Carotid Artery Disease, including its symptoms, risk factors, causes and treatment.

  1. Carotid artery disease occurs when the main arteries in your neck that bring blood to your brain become narrowed or blocked by plaque i.e. fatty substances.carotid
  2. The buildup of plaques in these arteries blocks the blood supply to your brain and increases your risk of stroke.
  3. The signs and symptoms of Carotid Artery Disease may include: sudden numbness or weakness near the face, arm or typically one side of the body, garbled speech or difficulty understanding others, sudden blindness in one eye.
  4. Hardening of the arteries causes most cases of carotid artery disease.
  5. Plaque may build up in the arteries because of an injury to the artery’s inner lining which may be due to smoking, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
  6. The risk factors for carotid artery disease are similar to those for other types of heart disease. They include: age, smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, family history.
  7. The method of treatment depends on how narrow the arteries have become like lifestyle changes and medications are sufficient for mild cases but if the case is severe surgery or a stenting procedure may be necessary.

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