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Information about Blindness

Blindness is one of the most cruel injustice of nature on man. Find here a short write up on Blindness including its causes and more.

  • Blindness is the loss of useful sight due to physiological or neurological factors.42-16840432
  • Blindness can be temporary or permanent.
  • Damage to any portion of the eye, the optic nerve, or the area of the brain responsible for vision can lead to blindness.
  • Some people are born blind by birth while others become so later in their lives.
  • Causes of blindness may be : disease and malnutrition, eye or brain injuries, genetic defects, poisoning, as a torturing actions.
  • Visually impaired and blind people are helped to do their daily activities by the use of folded cane sticks, guide dogs for mobility. Braille, talking books, reading machines for reading.

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