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The Bach Flower Remedies are a kind of the alternate medicines. Find here more about these unique and interesting remedies.

  1. Dr. Edward Bach a medical practitioner is the founder of the Bach Flower Remedies.bach
  2. There are 38 original Bach Flower Remedies, also called the Flower Essences or Bach Remedies.
  3. Each of the 38 remedies is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.
  4. To select the remedies you only need to think about the sort of person you are and the way you are feeling.
  5. Here is a list of some of the Bach Flower remedies and their indications:
    Aspen – fear of unknown things
    Beech – intolerance
    Centaury – the inability to say ‘no’
    Chestnut Bud – failure to learn from mistakes
    Chicory – selfish, possessive love
    Crab Apple – the cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred
    Gentian – discouragement after a setback
    Hornbeam – procrastination, tiredness at the thought of doing something
    Impatiens – impatience
    Larch – lack of confidence
    Mustard – deep gloom for no reason
    Olive – exhaustion following mental or physical effort
    Pine – guilt
    Rock Rose – terror and fright
    Vine – dominance and inflexibility
    Walnut – protection from change and unwanted influences
    Water Violet – pride and aloofness
    White Chestnut – unwanted thoughts and mental arguments

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