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Aphthous Stomatitis : Nashik Doctors

Information about Aphthous Stomatitis

Find the useful information on the Aphthous Stomatitis or Cranker Sores in this article. Read more about its nature, causes, signs and treatment.

  • Aphthous stomatitis is a condition that causes small ulcers in the mouth, usually inside the lips, on the cheeks, or on the tongue.crankersore
  • An Aphthous ulcer, also known as a canker sore.
  • The exact cause of Aphthous Stomatitis is not known yet some important influencing factors are: weak immune system, certain allergies, stress, poor nutrition, certain medications.
  • It is usually seen in children and adolescents from the ages of 10 to 19 years.
  • The most common symptoms of aphthous stomatitis are: ulcers in the mouth, ulcers that are covered with a yellow layer and have a red base, recurring lesions.
  • Since it is a viral infection, antibiotics are ineffective. Other treatment may include: more fluid intake, topical medications, mouth rinses.

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